Hello #Kenya365 Instagrammers.

We are on week 10 of weekly tasks. Congratulations for being consistent with the tasks. We hope that they’ve grown your photography so far.

In photography, a filter is something(translucent mostly) you have in between the camera and the subject. Some filters occur in everyday life, like windows, car windscreens etc. More creative types may choose a filter, like sunglasses, a piece of plastic, a bottle to shoot through. This week make photos while shooting through translucent filters. Try to get as creative as you can with the filter that you choose.

Our standard rule still applies. You can still only tag one image a day with the #Kenya365 tag and remember for this week to add #Kenya365filtered as the week specific hashtag so others can see our filtered photos. This task shall run from Monday 10.12.2012 to Sunday 16.12.2012.

Photo by @truthslinger

Follow @Kenya_365 to get your tasks if you wish to participate. Happy gramming.

Ps/ Remember to tag your daily images properly so that others can find them. You need both hashtags for a task photo. Don’t forget the #Kenya365 tag and the task tag.

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