Hello #Kenya365 Instagrammers.

This week the theme is ‘food’. I’m sure many have been waiting and hoping for this task. This week take creative pictures of food everywhere. Make great food and shoot it also (if you can).

Our standard rule still applies. You can still only tag one image a day with the #Kenya365 tag and remember for this week to add #Kenya365food as the week specific hashtag so others can find our food images. This task shall run from Monday 12.11.2012 to Sunday 18.11.2012.

Photo by @truthslinger

Follow @Kenya_365 to get your tasks if you wish to participate. Happy gramming.

Ps/ Remember to tag your daily images properly so that others can find them. You need both hashtags for a task photo. Don’t forget the #Kenya365 tag and the task tag to specify the post. We’d like for others to see what we post.