Morning stretches bought to you by #minislinger

Couple thousand feet above sea level. Flying somewhere over the Sahara desert on @officialkenyaairways.

Josh + Jess
(at Nairobi, Kenya)

I so very rarely get to do a weekend hashtag project so I am just happy I caught #WHPicecream even if I shot this cliché ice cream cone shot.
I also so very rarely get to eat an ice cream cone and get all messy so here’s to 2 so very rare-ly’s.
Thanks @joshkisamwa for the help and getting dripped on.
(at STEERS - Wabera Street)

That day I was flying @officialkenyaairways and the sun rose while I was in the sky and all I could do was shoot shoot shoot. It was so majestic.

On the steps of Le Grande Arche at La Dèfense. Paris.
_courtesy @officialkenyaairways

Paris cafés. Where you watch the world quickly fly past over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.
_reliving Paris with @officialkenyaairways


Touch down Nairobi. I have had an amazing time in Paris but I am so happy to be back in Nairobi. I really had missed home. I guess it takes leaving to notice.
_coming back home with @officialkenyaairways (at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport)

Paris, you were good to me. I had a fantastic time here and hope to be back sometime in the future. But until then, i say Au Revoir.
Hello Kenya my love.
_an experience of Paris with @officialkenyaairways (at Parc de Belleville)

Last supper!!
Sadly, my Paris adventure is over, for now. Had an amazing time chasing the Eiffel today and had dinner at a nice restaurant with @voodart, @juanjerez & @lapetitetouche. Thank you guys for the time. Not forgetting @vhmoreira who was with us earlier.
_my experience in Paris with @officialkenyaairways (at Belleville Paris)

Walks beside the Seine. Watching talks beside the Seine.
#flythedream #Paris
_experience Paris with @officialkenyaairways
(at Notre-Dame De Paris)

Concrete, steel and glass. These are a few of my favorite things.
_experiencing Paris with @officialkenyaairways (at La Défense, France)

Had a super walk about Paris today with a brother from Portugal, living in Paris with Cape Verde roots. He flew into Paris and came immediately to meet me. I am so honored Vitor.
Check out his feed. It’s super.
Another Instagrammer becomes friend. Awesome, right?
_follow my adventure in Paris with @officialkenyaairways (at Pont des Arts)

La Défense. Steel, glass & concrete playing some smooth tunes in Paris.
_experience Paris with @officialkenyaairways.
If you didn’t know, I have taken over their account so check it out & follow. Posting a lot more there. (at Parvis de la Défense)